Oregon Forensic Evaluator Certification

Beginning January 1, 2012, psychologists and psychiatrists who conduct forensic evaluations regarding ability to aid and assist and guilty except insanity, will need to be certified by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). Certification requires completion of an application, a $250 fee, attending the initial two-day Oregon Forensic Evaluator Training Program and passing a written test, and submission of 2-3 competency and criminal responsibility evaluations for the Review Panel to examine and provide comment. Once certified, forensic examiners must apply for re-certification every 2 years. Recertification entails a $250 fee, submission of 2-3 evaluations for review, and attendance at the one day recertification training. If you are interested in learning more about the certification process, please visit the OHA website. You can also contact us with questions.

Dr. Guyton is the Director of the Oregon Forensic Evaluator Training Program. She and Dr. Millkey serve as training faculty along with a group of other attorneys, psychologists, and a psychiatrist. Follow this link for a complete list of our training faculty. Initial trainings are typically scheduled 2-3 times a year.

Fall 2019

sep 27TH | Salem

oct 1-4 | Salem

*THE Fall recertification and initial certification trainings have been cancelled



*OFETP ReCertification Training

*OFETP Initial Certification Training


Questions about an upcoming training? Contact Lizzy @