Northwest Forensic Institute (NWFI) is pleased to announce its postdoctoral fellowship (residency) year in 2019-2020, beginning September 1, 2019. NWFI is a group private practice that provides primarily criminal forensic evaluations in Oregon. A minority of our services is dedicated to civil forensic evaluations. We are located in scenic Portland but provide services throughout the state. The postdoctoral fellow would be exposed to and participate in all types of evaluations and forensic clinical experiences. The fellow would also attend a variety of seminars and cross-train with Oregon Health and Sciences University forensic psychiatry fellowship program. The fellow is supervised by multiple psychologists to provide a greater breadth of experience. The fellow would also be exposed and potentially participate in mental health expert testimony, consultation, and provision of educational services. Michelle Guyton, PhD ABPP is the fellowship program director.

Types of evaluations we conduct:

Fitness to proceed
Guilty except for insanity
Mental state at the time of offense
Risk assessment (violence, sexual, intimate partner)
Capacity to waive 5th amendment rights (Miranda)
Susceptibility to false confessions/suggestibility
Personal injury


Through Oregon Health and Sciences University Forensic Psychiatry Program (weekly)
Introduction to Law and the Legal Process
Civil Forensic Psychology
Criminal Forensic Psychiatry/Psychology
Special Issues in Forensic Psychiatry/Psychology
Landmark Mental Health Case Seminar
Forensic Case Presentation
Forensic Journal Club


Psychological consultation with an outpatient competency restoration program and mental health court.
Provision of therapeutic services to a severely mentally ill population through a partnering agency.
Research on forensic mental health topics.


The fellow will gain experience and confidence in addressing psycholegal questions through forensic evaluation and report writing. The fellow will develop increased skills in selecting, giving, and interpreting psychological tests and forensic assessment instruments. Interdisciplinary communication through report writing, possibly testimony, and other modalities will be strongly emphasized. Providing culturally-sensitive and -relevant evaluations will be highlighted. At the end of the training year, the fellow will have increased independence in these tasks and should be prepared for independent practice in forensic clinical work.




The fellow will earn $47,500 per year. A $1,000 stipend is offered for research-related travel. Medical, vacation, and sick leave are included. The fellow will have a laptop to use and an office.


Successful applicants will have clinical experience in providing assessment and treatment to individuals in secure care environments (i.e., jails, hospitals, prisons). This person will be knowledgeable about forensic clinical psychology methods and have excellent written and oral communication skills.

Interested applicants should send one envelope via postal mail containing the following materials: NWFI 2019-2020 Postdoctoral Application, curriculum vita, and one single-spaced page description of your future training goals. Undergraduate and graduate transcripts and three letters of recommendation (one from your graduate program, one from your dissertation chair, and one from your internship program) may be sent separately. Applications must be received by January 4, 2019. In-person interviews will take place in late January-early February. NWFI is participating in the Uniform Acceptance Date (UAD) of Monday, February 25, 2019 along with several other forensic postdoctoral programs. This means that the selected candidate will be notified no later than February 23, 2019 and be required to accept by February 26, 2019. This UAD is designed to allow candidates to consider multiple offers without pressure to accept one offer before another is given.

Interview dates will be on 02/01/19 and 02/08/19.

Please contact Dr. Guyton with any questions regarding the program or application.