Training Faculty

Michelle Guyton, PhD ABPP is board-certified in forensic psychology since 2014. She is one of three psychologists board-certified in forensic psychology in the state, and the only female. She has extensive training in forensic evaluation in graduate school and internship where she conducted evaluations of fitness to proceed and criminal responsibility for youth and adults that were supervised. Dr. Guyton completed residency training at the Oregon Department of Corrections where she conducted clinical assessments for the purposes of treatment planning.

She began doing forensic evaluations independently in 2008. Initially, she completed these evaluations on a part-time basis but moved to full-time forensic evaluation in 2014. Dr. Guyton’s practice consists primarily of fitness to proceed, criminal responsibility, and sentencing evaluations. She estimates completing over 200 fitness to proceed evaluations in Oregon and over 100 criminal responsibility evaluations since 2008. Dr. Guyton has been called to testify in a number of these cases. She has also been hired as a consultant by district and defense attorneys to review, and sometimes testify about, the competency and criminal responsibility evaluations of other certified evaluators. She has also been called to testify by defense attorneys and by assistant attorney generals to testify in hearings in front of the Psychiatric Security Review Board. Dr. Guyton also supervises the work of another psychologist and the psychologist resident from Northwest Forensic Institute where she regularly reviews and provides feedback about the quality of these individuals’ reports. She also provides formal and informal supervision of other certified forensic evaluators upon request. Dr. Guyton has full and juvenile certification as a forensic evaluator in Oregon since 2012. 


Genevieve Arnaut, PhD PsyD received specialized forensic training through both her internship and postdoctoral fellowship at Western State Hospital. Dr. Arnaut worked fulltime at the Oregon State Hospital from 2000 to 2002 where she conducted fitness to proceed and criminal responsibility evaluations. Since 2002, she has taught forensic psychology, among other topics, at Pacific University and maintained a part-time private practice. She estimates conducting 150 fitness to proceed evaluations and another 150 criminal responsibility evaluations from 2012 to present. She has been called to testify in several of these cases. Dr. Arnaut has full and juvenile certification as a forensic evaluator in Oregon since 2012. 


Alex Millkey, PsyD has been licensed as a psychologist since 2006 and has been a certified forensic evaluator since 2012. In 2005 Dr. Millkey completed an American Psychological Association approved predoctoral internship at Mendota Mental Health Institute in Wisconsin, where he received specialized training in forensic psychology and completed supervised forensic evaluations. He completed his postdoctoral residency at the Oregon Department of Corrections, where he worked until 2007 when he transferred to the Oregon State Hospital as a Consulting Forensic Psychologist. Dr. Millkey has worked for the state since 2005 on a full- or part-time basis, and continues to work on a part-time basis as a forensic evaluator in the Oregon State Hospital’s Forensic Evaluation Service. In 2008 Dr. Millkey co-founded the Northwest Forensic Institute, LLC, a private practice devoted exclusively to forensic practice. Dr. Millkey estimates that he has completed well over 1000 fitness to proceed evaluations and over 100 criminal responsibility evaluations, and on average completes between one and three fitness to proceed evaluations a week. In addition to his work with the Oregon State Hospital, through Northwest Forensic Institute Dr. Millkey has privately conducted court-ordered evaluations, has been hired by the defense, and has been privately retained by the district attorney’s offices of Multnomah, Clackamas, and Jackson Counties. Dr. Millkey was on the House Bill 3100 Advisory Committee establishing forensic certification in Oregon. Since 2014 he has been on an Oregon Forensic Certification Program Peer Review Panel, in which capacity he has evaluated and provided feedback to evaluators regarding whether their submitted work product meets Oregon standards. Dr. Millkey has been involved with the Oregon Certified Evaluator Training Program since its inception, and provides training on report writing, detecting malingering, and assessing mental state at the time of the office. Additionally, he has conducted training for the OHSU forensic psychiatry fellowship on detection of malingering, on behalf of the Psychiatric Security Review Board on the topic of risk assessment, and has lectured at the Lewis and Clark School of Law annually since 2014 on psychological issues in legal contexts. Dr. Millkey has presented over 20 times at national and international conferences and has published in the area of forensic assessment of individuals with intellectual disabilities. 


Alex Duncan, PsyD ABPP is a licensed psychologist and board-certified in forensic psychology. He was trained in forensic work through his internship at the Utah State Hospital and his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, a premier forensic fellowship program. He became the second board-certified psychologist in forensic work in the state in 2007. In 2008, he began his private practice. Since then, he has completed roughly 300 fitness evaluations and 300 criminal responsibility evaluations. Dr. Duncan also has contracts with Washington and Clackamas Counties as a civil commitment investigator. He has done this work for several years and evaluated hundreds of individuals for civil commitment need. Dr. Duncan was appointed to serve on the Forensic Review Panel where he had the opportunity to review hundreds of forensic evaluations and provide feedback and quality ratings. Dr. Duncan has full and juvenile certification as a forensic evaluator in Oregon since 2012. 


Tim Catlow, PhD has worked at the Children’s Farm Home since 1997 and began conducting forensic evaluations there in 2005. In that role, Dr. Catlow has completed over 150 evaluations of youth for fitness to proceed and criminal responsibility. He has also testified in various jurisdictions about these evaluations. Relatedly, Dr. Catlow has also conducted numerous evaluations of violence risk assessment and petition screening for transfers from Oregon Youth Authority corrections to the intensive residential treatment program at Children’s Farm Home. Dr. Catlow was appointed to serve on the Forensic Review Panel where he had the opportunity to review hundreds of forensic evaluations and provide feedback and quality ratings. Dr. Catlow has full and juvenile certification as a forensic evaluator in Oregon since 2012. 


Ashley Scott, PsyD has worked at the Children’s Farm Home since 2011 as a treatment provider for youth with a variety of mental health disorders. She began conducting court-ordered fitness to proceed evaluations in 2015. She has completed approximately 30 fitness to proceed evaluations with juveniles. She has also participated in restoration of fitness for many youth through the Children’s Farm Home. Dr. Scott has full and juvenile certification as a forensic evaluator in Oregon since 2015. 



James Peykanu, MD received forensic training during his residency year but also in a formalized forensic psychiatric fellowship program at West Virginia University in 2009. He joined the staff of Oregon State Hospital in 2010, where he has worked since. While at the hospital, Dr. Peykanu has worked in various settings, including medium and maximum security forensic units where he treated patients in competency restoration and insanity programs. Dr. Peykanu estimates treating between 750 and 1000 forensic patients at the hospital and has carried caseloads of 20 to 45 patients at a time. He is currently the supervising psychiatrist of the Archways program, a medium security competency restoration program. He supervises six psychiatrists in this program. With respect to evaluation, Dr. Peykanu estimates conducting at least 75 evaluations for fitness to proceed and criminal responsibility through the state hospital. He has also testified about these evaluations and his treatment of patients in various circuit courts in Oregon. Dr. Peykanu also regularly testifies in front of the administrative law court at the hospital and the Psychiatric Security Review Board about mental illness, dangerousness, and the nexus between these. Dr. Peykanu had full certification as a forensic evaluator in Oregon in 2012 and recertified in 2013. However, he has not recertified more recently but plans to recertify in fall 2017.


Alex Bassos, JD, is the Director of Training and Outreach for the Metropolitan Public Defender. He is also an adjunct professor at Lewis and Clark, most recently teaching a class he developed called Criminal Law and Psychology.  He graduated from Indiana University Law School in 1995 and has been practicing criminal law ever since. He is the author of the OCDLA manual “Mental Health and Criminal Defense” as well as a now out of print bench book on civil commitments. He sat on the HB 3100 rulemaking committee and currently sits on the statewide certification review panel. He regularly writes, lectures, and consults on issues at the intersection of mental health and the criminal justice system. Mr. Bassos also participated in the development of the Oregon Forensic Evaluator Training Program curriculum and has been a member of the training faculty since 2012.


Melissa Marrero, JD is a deputy district attorney in the Multnomah County District Attorney’s office and a new member to the Oregon Forensic Evaluator Program team. We invited her to represent the perspectives and experience of district attorneys as frequent consumers of forensic evaluations. Ms. Marrero has worked within her office since 2012 and the following year, was promoted the Mental Health deputy position. Here she worked frequently with mental health professionals as she pursued civil commitment actions and worked with probationers and parolees with mental health concerns. Ms. Marrero has litigated numerous cases where mental health is at issue. She has litigated cases involving the guilty except for insanity plea and mental state/diminished capacity as well as extremely dangerous person commitments. She regularly reviews forensic evaluations and assists attorneys in her office in understanding these. Further, Ms. Marrero has worked on a legislative work group related to fitness to proceed evaluations. 


Juliet Britton, JD, has been a practicing attorney and manager for 16 years. She has worked at the PSRB for four years, one as the Executive Director and three as the policy/operations analyst. She began her career as an Active Duty Judge Advocate, holding the following positions: criminal prosecutor, criminal defense counsel and administrative law legal advisor, including advising Army Medical Hospitals. Previous positions also held were Executive Director of CASA of the 8th Judicial District in Kansas and adjunct professor at University of Mary for several years. She obtained her undergraduate from U of Colorado and her law degree from the University of Hawaii. 


Micky Logan, JD, has served as the Legal Affairs Director at the Oregon State Hospital since October, 2011.  Before then, she was an Assistant Attorney General at the Oregon Department of Justice.  During her 20 years at the Oregon Department of Justice, she clerked in the Appellate Division for 2 years, worked as an Honors Attorney for 2 years, served on the DOJ Ethics Committee for 10 years, and represented the Department of Human Services and the Oregon Health Authority as a General Counsel attorney for 18 years.  Ms. Logan has served on the Executive Committee of the Oregon State Bar Disability Law Section for 7 years, and was a member of the Oregon State Bar House of Delegates for 3 years.  She was the Chairperson of the Legal Division of the National Association of Mental Health Program Directors for 4 years.   Ms. Logan received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan, and her law degree from Lewis & Clark Law School.